Navigating Australian tax laws with precision and expertise tailored for global entities.

Comprehensive Tax Services for International Companies

Comprehensive Tax Services for Companies trading across international borders.

In a globalised economy, international businesses operating in Australia face unique taxation challenges. Our dedicated team ensures that these businesses not only understand but also efficiently navigate Australian tax laws, equipping them with the knowledge needed to manage their Australian tax positions. Explore our suite of services.

Tax Disputes

Understanding and resolving tax disputes successfully, requires an understanding of the law, the facts, the policy and the current administrative processes which are relevant.

With more than 30 years of experience, including within the Australian Taxation Office, we can help you understand the full context of any dispute, and help you assess your position and offer paths to resolution.


Tax Litigation

Should disagreements with tax authorities escalate to legal proceedings, our team stands ready to defend and represent your interests. We provide expert counsel and support throughout the litigation process, ensuring optimal outcomes.


Tax Governance

We understand the Australian Tax Office’s expectations around tax governance. We can guide you as you determine what is the most practical approach, keeping as far as possible within your usual organisational governance framework.

We can help you show the Australian Taxation Office how your governance framework meets their expectations.



Independent Reviews

A second opinion can be invaluable. Especially when a filing position has been challenged and the firm originally advising is assisting with the defence. Good governance suggests it is in the best interests of the organisation to have the position reviewed. This may give additional comfort to stakeholders, provide insights that guide the defence, or give an assessment of risk that informs legal strategy.


International Tax

For business operating across borders, understanding Australia’s international tax system is crucial. We guide you through the interaction of our domestic rules with our double tax treaties and transfer pricing rules. As well as our newer “anti-avoidance” rules such as our anti-hybrid, MAAL, DPT and “intangible asset deduction denial” rules.



Tax Audit

Being prepared for one of the many types of Australian Taxation Office reviews can make all the difference. We can assist you with pre-audit preparation, guide you through the process and help you manage the resourcing needed to bring a review to a successful conclusion. Our breath of experience, ,including litigation, helps us consider the bigger picture. It is now not enough to simply focus on the first technical issue raised by the Australian Taxation Office. You must also consider where their focus may shift in the future of the review, especially any risk in relation to our General Anti Avoidance Rule (Part IVA) and related provisions.